Halloween Store Calgary

We have it all


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With basically 20,000  sq ft of Halloween we are probably the biggest footprint for Calgary and certainly the widest selection of  ALL Halloween from costume and access to décor and props.

The front showroom area is 10,000 sq ft - filled with
womens costume, tween and teen girl up to plus size / all kids costume / pet costume ( large category) all our womens access  which is the best in the city including - gloves / tutu's / boa's /corsets / nylons / eye lashes / wigs and much more.

All the generic access for steampunk / clown / police /  

Enfant and toddler costume.

We have the best selection of contact lens  that are a huge attraction and at the till line we have full selection of candy for all your treats.
We also do a general gift area with décor for entertaining/ tea towls and aprons / fun banners / cookie cutters and the like.

Make up department - this covers everything from the easy and cheap to complex and theatrical grades of tattoo's / latex appliances / blood / scabs etc. 

In the BACK  area we have another 10,000 sq ft which has about 7000 open to the public and3000 of storage. This include : all teen boy and mens costume up to plus size, all Morph costume and the blow up costume.  All mens access/ wigs / mustaches etc .
All weapons - swords / guns / whips / hand cuffs / etc  A full selection of blow ups for your front yard - we sell out every year. we plug everyone in and set them up so you can see - other stores leave in a box. A selection of masks that no one in the city can touch - you can try them on also, new this year, UV masks and as always every license you can imagine - freddy / chuckie etc

The largest draw to the back area is the SCARE factor - we do an incredible selection of props / décor and animatronics - black lights / spiders / creatures / spider web / and every imaginable creature that makes noise and jumps at you.   this area is an attraction - we have customers returning just to be scared and walk thru the area. With our big props we do not buy in bulk , we have created the urgency to come in early and buy your yard décor, we are usually sold out by mid Oct. or at least really picked thru. Again for us - everything comes out of the box - we plug it in, we change batteries daily - you can see and hear what your investment will bring you unlike other retailers.  this year we are adding  MORE space and more scare.

We have great free parking , and a parking lot attendant on the weekends to assist you and save the frustration.
We always have free little give aways  for the kids all season long!