Creating a Team Halloween Costume and How to Nail It!

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Creating a Team Halloween Costume and How to Nail It!

This may not seem like the right time of year to begin thinking about a Halloween costume, but you are mistaken. This is the perfect time! Especially if you want to make a team Halloween costume.

Team Halloween costumes don’t just magically appear. They require planning, shopping at a Halloween store in Calgary, gathering willing participants, and so much more. Therefore, this is a great time of year to start planning your team Halloween costume. Below you will find some helpful tips on how to plan and also how to make the most of the experience.

Tips for Group Halloween Costumes

One of the best ways to engage with a group Halloween costume is to buy matching costumes. Choose your favourite show or movie, and look at the best outfits for your favourite characters. 

Let’s use Rick and Morty as an example. For Morty, you just need a pair of blue jeans and a yellow shirt, and for Rick, the hardest part will be finding a lab coat and a wig. Even these are easy finds at a Halloween store in Calgary. However, what if you have more than two people in your team Halloween costume?

kids in batman costume

No problem! Summer can be recreated with a simple set of capris and a pale, pink tank top. Add in Beth and Jerry and all of a sudden you have a whole family of Smith’s ready to impress and fill the needs of up to 5 team costume participants. 

Keep Your Costumes in Line

Just remember, the most important part of a team costume is to have fun. After that though, you should try and keep the costumes similar. It doesn’t make sense for one person to put in hundreds of dollars and a bunch of time to make a great costume if it only works with a group of people who are only willing to wear a shirt and pants, and maybe a wig. 

Therefore, keep your costumes in line and similar to one another. Not only will this keep people from feeling left out or overworked, but it will also create a stronger and more fulfilling team costume experience. 

Plus, if you begin planning and shopping for your team costume now, you will have loads of time to get the perfect costume components together. Look for stores that specialize in Halloween costumes to make the hunt simpler, and work to commit your team members to the outfit far in advance. This will prevent last-minute changes and problems. 

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