Most Popular Halloween Costumes Forecast 2020

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Most Popular Halloween Costumes Forecast 2020

Yes, it might feel a bit early to begin forecasting what Halloween will look like in 2020, but if you have the dedication to the holiday, then you are likely already in the throes of thought about what form your costume will take this year. However, even if you aren’t passionate about this spooky holiday, you may appreciate how varied and exciting the costumes are likely to be this year. 

Indeed, due to the quick pace of global change that we are experiencing in 2020, there are going to be significant and apparent decisions made to choose Halloween costumes, and those themes may include:

Halloween Costume Predictions

Corona Costumes

Absolutely, you knew this was going to top the list. Whether it is a paper mache deal representing the structure of the virus, or something more nebulous, this pandemic will undoubtedly have many people taking swings at the costume. Even though it is a tragedy, the prescience of this event will keep it at the forefront of people’s minds as a way to turn heads and ignite conversation. 

Trump Costumes

Yes, it is unlikely that anyone wants to discuss this part of American culture further, but if there were ever going to be an appropriate time to try your hand at this costume, it would be immediately prior to the elections that will take place in November. Plus, requiring only a suit and a wig makes it the ideal choice for those who aren’t interested in modifications and investing a lot of time into their Halloween costumes in Calgary.

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Spooky Skeletons

I hear you asking, “who is going back to skeletons as a Halloween costume in Calgary?” and for that, I have answers. While this prediction might seem far fetched initially, the reality is that two things are going great for the skeleton costume. First, the widespread adoption of two clothing materials: full-size bodysuits and glow-in-the-dark threads. Second, the adoption of the skeleton as a fun character that permeates our lives and our bodies. 

Group Costumes

Group costumes have started to increase in popularity, and this trend isn’t likely to stop in 2020. Plus, with the current struggle many people face as individuals, the opportunity to engage with others in creative outlets is certainly gaining appeal. Try out a horse or dragon for a classic laugh.

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