The Number One Halloween Costumes In Calgary In 2019

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The Number One Halloween Costumes In Calgary In 2019

Halloween is only weeks away! So it’s now time to start getting your costumes. But with so many options available at your Halloween store in Calgary, what are the hottest trends in 2019? More importantly, what trends are going to help you and your kids find your matching costumes? This blog post has the answers for you.

5 Of The Trendiest Halloween Costumes in Calgary in 2019

Joining the Avengers

Is there a bigger fab right now than joining up with the superheroes that stopped Thanos and saved the universe? The Avengers are one of the most popular costumes available right now, with everyone getting in on the action. But what makes it work for parents and kids is that there are many characters to pick from the team. You can be Captain America, while your kid could be Black Widow. Or Hulk. Or Spiderman. Or any of the Guardians Of The Galaxy. You have complete freedom to make your Avengers team. 

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Into The Wizarding World 

Harry Potter’s Wizarding World is a land filled with magical delights - so it's precisely the perfect world where you can go crazy this Halloween. Join one of the four houses, or dress up as one of your favorite characters. Or just be part of the Wizarding World by dressing up as an amazing witch or wizard. Your Halloween Store in Calgary will have all the accessories you need to come dressed entirely as a wizard. 

The Pirate Life Is The Life For Me! 

The chance to swing a sword? A patch over one eye? The chance to talk like a pirate? Ahoy Matey! Of course, pirates are still considered one of the most popular Halloween costumes in Calgary. The opportunities to come as your pirate of choice is what makes it so amazing. You have complete freedom to create your own pirate - and stand out by doing it. You can go as crazy as you want and everyone will love it! 

Let It Go, Let It Go…

While princesses have always been the rage with girls, they have come a long way from the usual “damsel in distress” princesses of yesteryear. Today’s princesses of choice are the sisters - Eliza and Anna - from the classic movie Frozen. These girls are so popular they should get their own category. And with the buzz surrounding “Frozen 2” coming soon to theatres, you can expect to see a lot of ice princesses this Halloween. 

Mummies, Zombies, Vampires - The Terrifying Stuff 

The classics never get old. The likes of your Ghost, Vampires (thanks Twilight!), Zombies (The Walking Dead), Mummies and all your classic spooky costumes are still popular in 2019. Better yet, you’ll be able to mix and match with your children, so you can all turn up looking spooky. Your Halloween store in Calgary will have everything you need to terrify your neighbours!

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